Officially launching "Magpie Invest" New Horizons of Global Investment Opportunities

商业 By: Quant Edge Group 20/09/21

14 September 2021-  Magpie Securities Limited (Magpie Securities), a leading securities firm wholly owned by the NASDAQ listed MICT Inc, unveiled “Magpie Invest” – a brand new game changing global stock trading platform, bringing new horizons of global investment opportunities to retail investors’ fingertips in the Hong Kong market.

Magpie Securities has partnered with Quant Edge to leverage and develop on the Equix white-label application platform to streamline the integration of third-party applications and create a new Investment Management Solution that excels with the interface. Unique interface to support users in the most optimal way.

Magpie Invest provides investors with a pure online brokerage experience and access to a global market including Hong Kong, China, France, U.S, U.K, Canada and more. Investors will have the opportunity to trade non-stop 18 hours in a day with Magpie, diversify their portfolios with a variety of available global stocks and access to the latest news of the finance markets worldwide. 

The demand for the latest technology to manage risk, trade and build portfolios is rapidly increasing among investment firms in order to meet changing investors’ needs and regulatory obligations. Built on an open API that easily integrates with a modern interface, Equix's innovative platform allows our customers to acquire approved partners and workflows, accelerating delivery times. Information analysis and data transmission make it easy for investors and financial advisors to use and reach customers anywhere, just through a smart mobile device. In addition, with the live KYC system, seamless analysis, reporting and data system, warning system and market information, the absolute security of ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 will also support and ensure absolute security for customers. 


About Quant Edge

Quant Edge provides state-of-the-art software for companies that want to drive ingenuity, develop intelligently, and improve end-user efficiency. Whether you are a stockbroker or a financial institution, our products are fully customizable to your requirements. Products include:

  • Equix -  Pioneering white-label product connecting technology and finance
  • NightVision FX - Revolutionize your FX Trading Business.

As a workflow solution provider with years of experience, Quant Edge and its IT team are constantly researching and optimizing our software and applications to meet the market needs and development, and customer requirements. Quant Edge was established in 2008 with headquarters in Vietnam and Australia. For more information, please visit

About Equix products

А White-labeled modern Stock Trading & Investment platform with seamless UI/UX design and unmatched functionality. The product is ready to be integrated into your existing system or act as a standalone application. EQUIX allows users to manage their portfolios, receive personalized stock alerts or market updates and much more. Get ready to trade easily on your phone or access powerful analytical tools on your laptop - EQUIX is the ideal solution for modern day trading.

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About Magpie Securities

Magpie Securities is a licensed securities firm ( CE No. BJC541) regulated by SFC of Hong Kong, holding type 1, 2, 4, 9 licenses. Magpie Securities is wholly owned by the NASDAQ listed MICT Inc. (MICT.US), a golbal fintech company founded in 2002.

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